Friday, August 19, 2011

Her Happily Ever After

"Ate Au gising ka pa?", my cousin Cris message (in WhatsApp app in Iphone).

It's past 1am.
"About to sleep na =)", I replied.
"Don't sleep muna"
...yeah! the exchange of messages seemed to be limitless.

We're the same age, I was just older by 9months. (If I just have here our baby pics), so we practically grew up together, our moms were sisters, my mom is the oldest while hers is the youngest in the family. We almost look like twins when we're growing up, whatever she has, I have too, especially in dresses. They live in Makati, while me in Muntinlupa, but we spent our summer vacation together, in both places but mostly in Batangas, with her father's family.
From exchanging perfumed stationaries to playing office girls, to giggling over our crushes, to climbing aratiles trees, to taking a bath together. We're inseparable.
Like most little girls, we believe in ...and they live happily ever after... fairy tales.
We even had a thought of a double wedding! (and talked about it a few years ago!).

Her happily ever after did came true. Our topic now has extended to married life, (of course, I couldn't share much).
Yeah! the conversation last night lasted for 3hrs... hahaha!

Our trip to CamSur last Oct. 2010
The Newlyweds (April 2011), Alfie & Cris