Monday, June 27, 2011

Don't Envy Me

The conversation on the phone turned from a happy tone to deep sighs and rants.
"Buti ka pa... Buti ka pa... Buti ka pa..."

I may have the freedom to do whatever I'd like to do, (most of my married friends were wishing they have)
But I don't have the warm hugs and sweet kisses from my kids.
I may have the little luxury to travel to places,
But I don't have someone to see the world with.
I may be able to buy the things I fancy,
But that can't bring me real happiness.
I may have all the time in the world for myself,
But time is best spent with people dear to your heart.
I may be enjoying my singlehood to the extreme,
But yeah, I'll get tired of it sooner or later (my parents preferred sooner, though).
I may have the independence to live on my own,
But that means doing all the housechores and housework by myself, (even if it requires the strength of a man! the only thing I haven't tried is plumbing!)
I may have the opportunity to grow in my career,
But living away from home is a big sacrifice.

I have my own struggles, believe me.
I have failed many times.
I have begged and turned down.
I have made big mistakes.
I have done stupid things in love.

Don't envy me, please, just don't.
You have no idea how much tears these eyes have cried...