Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Loving Au in AU!

Today's temperature is 7°C!
And it will continue to drop to almost freezing in the coming days... it's going to be Winter! (My first time!) (sowee, no snow here in Brisbane!).

Testing my endurance to cold climate, heater for the room is still in its box, still in my cotton pyjamas but yeah, I'm already wearing socks to bed, still cotton for bed and quilt covers. Haven't bought fleece sheets nor thermal clothes. (Hmmm... it makes me ask myself, am I cold blooded? or I'm becoming one?).

Taken May 2, at Redcliffe, just 18-24°C! Carry pa mag-shorts and mini-skirt!

Taken May 10, at Citipointe Church, it's already 10°C! It's time to wear sweats!

I'm just loving Autumn in Australia!

But on the contrary the weather is even more nostalgic... hayst! HB! HB! HB!