Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time Will Reveal

The friendship started in 2003, back in Bataan, working as Laboratory Analysts in a petrochemical company.
From the start the chemistry is so strong that we knew we'll bond like chains in a polymerization reaction. (uhmm, talking about being Chemical Technicians).

Efren, is such a funny man (without him knowing it, really!), his sense of humor is so endearing that everybody likes him in an instant (even kids!), indeed a gentleman, and always and always the man you can count on on just about everything and anything, in short our all around guy (except for paperworks, not to mention his penmanship! hahaha!), he's heart is so big that (oh! I should rephrase), he has a big, kind heart that his love and care for others is extraordinary (now, I should be getting paid here! hehe!).
Weng, so much good words to describe her, but there just one thing the whole world I would like to know, we are sisters by heart.
We are the trio los lakwatsero and lakwatsera, gimikero and gimikera, kain dito, kain doon. Always the three of us, together... partners in crime/s.

Being my guardian angels, they forgot about their mission and got busy two/gether... hahaha! (As if, I didn't notice that's what they think!...I let them be...)

Taken, Oct.16, 2010, @ Nicos, in Balanga, Bataan; our last dinner together before Me and Weng left for Au

Their love deeply rooted from a wonderful friendship.
God has a perfect timing for everything,
their time for love has been revealed.
This time it's for real
and soon it will be sealed...

Now, I am preparing for my speech come this December... (Tan...tan...ta...nan...)