Thursday, January 13, 2011

Land Down Under... under water

Land Down Under is/getting under water literally, almost 3/4 of Queensland has been affected by the continuous rains brought by La Nina phenomenon. Brisbane river is now rising to its peak and tomorrow morning more than 20,000 homes is expected to be flooded.
We are only about 15mins away from Brisbane City, where Brisbane River is. We had the share of the effect of the floods, as our work was cancelled yesterday due to heavy rains and some areas surrounding our workplace is already flooded. We are then on evacuation alert.
Tomorrow is quite uncertain, though our place is on higher grounds, we are keeping our prayers for safety of everyone.
Thank you to all my friends who reached out and showed their concerns thru txts, phone calls, chat.
I must admit I was expecting to hear from someone... but...

God Bless us always!