Thursday, September 02, 2010

Choose your love and love your choice

5 C's of Love

by Obet Cabrillas (K Preacher)

For your love to be accepted is one thing. The sustainability is the greater challenge.

Love is Communication. The more you communicate the, the deeper the relationship gets. You'll get to know each other well. your communications will get deeper from facts, to opinions, to feelings. Hence, intimacy is born.

Love is Connection. Hold hands, hug, and give affectionate touch (not malicious ones). Our bodies are made to be touched. Arms are made for embrace. Psychologists require five to seven hugs a day for psychological health.

Love is Cooperation. Invest on the emotional "stocks" of one another. Know what is valuable to the other and offer sincere help. The mathematics of cooperation is this: it subtracts the burden; adds to the joy; divides the effort and multiplies the fun.

Love Is Conversion. When you love somebady, you cahnge for the better. It is possible that a person can be so changed by love that you hardly recognize him as the same. Plate was right when he said, "At the experience of love, the lover becomes a poet".

Love is Communion. Synergy, meeting of the minds, jiving effectively, same wavelengths, vibes, in the zone together, etc. All these things explain the power of communion and oneness among people who are close to one another. No wonder we are called The Body of Christ.

Bottom line: Choose your love and love your choice.