Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Say it straight!

Say what you want to say straight, bulls eye and direct to the point. No more flowery words, adjectives and understood periods. To make no misinterpretations nor misleading statements nor double meaning thoughts. And the most important of all, to waste no time in deciphering, decoding what you mean.

I wish I could always do that, say what I want to say and express my thoughts or feelings directly to the person involved. Yep! I wish I could...always! But of course, truth is, as outspoken as you thought I am, I'm not.

As I would say that I always express myself on love and friendship irregardless if I'll get dumped or ditched, but, honestly, the hardest thing for me in composing my sentence/s is the thought of neediness... that as much as I would hide it in other descriptive words, I hope that message would simply be understood! But of course, truth is, oftentimes not.

Embracing my independency, admittedly expressing the need for someone to talk to on just about anything and everything, the need for someone who'll just sit beside you and be quiet, the need for someone who'll make your frowning face smile, or just someone whose on your same wavelength. When it doesn't have to be romantically, just someone whom you feel comfortable and at home, is always a great risk for me. It takes a lot of courage for me to say those words directly to someone. You know why? 'cause it always hurts when you were turned down...