Thursday, February 25, 2010

30! Living, Loving, Learning and still...

I am thirty! Independent still, single still! And do I wish to remain as to what my status is? I’m not complaining neither going grumpy over the fact that I’m not tying the knot sooner than expected. It is agreed upon. Period.

Instead, let me just make this entry as something I’ve been longing to write all this time, waiting for the perfect 30!

30 years of living, loving and learning and still…
Life’s lessons learned:
1. Never ever lose hope. Prayer with action works.
2. Be sincere in everything you say and do always.
3. Patience is a virtue. It doesn’t mean that when you close your mouth to stop the argument the other person is right. It just means that you choose to be wrinkle-free.
4. Be kind even when others are harsh. But don’t let them abuse you.
5. Stand on what you believe is right.
6. Believe that your time to shine will come in His time. But you have to work on it…hard.
7. Have your “me” time, silent time alone. Free your mind of worries for a time.
8. Play sports with friends or just simply hang out for bonding moments. You’re not living alone in this planet.
9. Spend time with parents. Coffee talk. Happy dinner.
10. Never stop learning… a new skill, a new song, or visit a place you’ve never been to.
11. Say “thank you” and “please” with a smile.
12. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures like a good TV show, laughing with friends, ice cream, or your soft pillow.
13. Use your words to bless and encourage others.
14. Listen to what others are saying. But listen more to what they’re not saying.
15. Give the person the benefit of the doubt. Believe in his goodness.
Love lessons learned:
1. When you say I love you, mean it.
2. When you say I’m sorry, be sincere.
3. Listening is the key to fewer fights.
4. Love like you’ve never been hurt before. The other person deserves that.
5. Believe in second chances and give second chances.
6. If he really likes/loves you, he’ll find ways to be with you.
7. Let go when it’s time to. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it just means you’re strong enough to be unselfish.
8. Say what you feel, or what you like, your partner is not a psychic or even if he is. If you what him to get it right.
9. Never let him be your priority, while allowing yourself to be just his option.
10. Don’t be too clingy or needy. You and me against the world is sickening.
11. Travel together and discover new places. Learn and do things together from adventures of scuba diving to the simplest like washing the dishes.
12. When you argue, argue on the present point, not the past points.
13. Have separate set of good friends, but let both know who they are even in just names.
14. Trust your partner. Ask nicely when in doubt.
15. Hug a lot, I mean a lot. Hold hands always, I mean always. Kiss on the forehead, nose and chin is an up.
A lot more to add, and a lot more to learn. But for now, let me enjoy and share what God has blessed me and still blessing me. Happy 30 me!