Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Giving gifts

Are you guilty of giving generic gifts?
Generic gifts meaning one same gift for all. It may differ in color but still the same mug, ballpen, pouch, bag, etc. etc.
Well, I'm quite guilty of it. Only quite, of course, for this season for all my god-children; dolls and toy soldiers.
For my officemates, hierarchy of working relationship applies here... hehehe! don't get me wrong, it just follows.
The degree of friendship counts. And so at this stage, each friend I buy specific special gift. That's why whenever I do my Christmas gift shopping, it has to be on different dates or else 24 hrs wouldn't be enough to find what I'm looking for.
Thank God for this years' blessings amidst recession and calamities. I still have enough to share for all the people close to my heart and even for some who are in need.

It's better to give than to receive...
Enjoy the cool wind and warm hugs this season brings... (^_^,)