Sunday, July 26, 2009

What if...

I was digging my boxes of trinkets and stuff for some old work notes when an old, very familiar black diary caught my attention. And suddenly, I was brought back on memory lane...

I wrote this on February 18, 2005. For obvious reason then...

What if I tell you that I miss you,
will you say you miss me too?
What if I tell you, please stay,
will you stay or will turn around and walk away?
What if I look straight into your eyes,
will you look straight back at me?
What if I want to listen to the beat of your heart,
will you allow me to?
What if I hold your hand,
will you hold me back?
What if I tell you that I'm hurt because of you,
will you comfort me?
What if I tell you I won't let go of you,
will you not let go of me too?
What if I say I love you,
will I hear the same from you?

Just simply for sharing...