Friday, July 17, 2009

HP 6

I just watched Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince with my dear friend Mona and bestfriend Chris (yeah! sa wakas ngkita kame ulet ni bestfriend after... huh? we couldn't remember when was the last time we were together). The rain, traffic, and the flood didn't stop us to the long overdue 6th sequel of J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter series. The fanatics are excited. While we watched the 3rd screening time, 840pm at Festival Mall in Alabang, as the anticipation of long line of other geedy moviegoers. Geeez! Right that we had dinner first since the movie ended 1110pm, without noticing it was that quite long. Ok! So, what about the movie itself? Hmmm... Among the series, this one isn't for the children really as well as the not-so-harry-fan or should I say, the curious, the long talks are for those who had read the book, to understand the story. Not so much action like in The Goblet of Fire or breathtaking wand battle in The Order of the Phoenix. This series is just uhmp! Almost a lullabye... The only thing that will keep your eyes open is the waiting for the confrontation scene between Dumbledore and the Dark Forces which happened on the last 15mins of the movie and yun lang, dead agad! Haaay! While I was teary eyed when Harry held dead Dumbledore, I was waiting for the funeral to really make my tears fell. And no! The next scene are the three best friends, Harry, Hermione and Ron, talking at the rooftop overlooking Hogwarts surroundings! And THE END! Gosh! Gosh! Gosh! Way, way, way better read the book and run your creative imagination, it'll be more satisfying, interesting and enjoyable.