Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Case No. 7: The Ex


If there is someone like 'The One", of course, there is also someone like "The Ex"...

and so, what about it?

'Cause, admit it or not, we all have something to tell about it,

a lot


a little


rather keep it buried;



left behind...

An Ex - a ghost
or a worst nightmare...
An Ex - a bad picture in memory
or a photographic illusion...
An Ex - an abstract
or a blind willow...
An Ex - an enemy
or a friend...
An Ex - a trash
or a treasure...
An Ex - forgotten
or remembered (?)
An Ex - is an ex -
-prefix - (1) out of; (2) not; (3) former
And where are the Ex's can be found?
... why bother to find them...??? (^_-)