Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sayonara... QC!

Gosh! this is my last duty in this department... been with them for five nourishing years... expanded my skill, shared my talent, worked harder than ever, shed lots and lots of sweats, back and head-aches, debated alot, acquired more skills and learnings, and built friendships...

Sigh! I'm half-hearted with this decision... but, I know, that if I choose to grow more, I need to take the risk and expand my borders... I'm not dead, I'm alive and in order to make useful of myself and of what God has given me, I should continue to grow... to grow in talent, to grow in skill, to grow in my relationships, to grow in faith.

My heartfelt appreciation to my department-mates: Marlene, Vane, Julie, Dj.
My deep gratitude for my lab-mates: April, Nes, and of course, Weng.
Goodluck to the new employees: Grace and John Paul,
My many thanks to my superior, Sir Randy.
And to my former superior and my mentor: Ana

This is it! This is really it! This is the moment...
I'm taking the step forward!

Hugs to all of you!!!
See you around and listen to my voice in the paging system...