Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Super blessed

The Kerygma Conference
November 23-25, 2007
The Philsports Arena

Day 1: November 23, 5pm-10pm

Opening Worship by Adrian Panganiban

Song: The Power of Love by Dulce
The Prayer by Dulce and Nolyn Cabahug

Holy Mass: Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD

Talk #1: Don't Burn Out - Burn Up!
(How to Fuel Your Soul for a Purpose-Driven Life) - Bo Sanchez

Happy to be accompanied by my very dear friend, Mon

Day 2: November 24, 2007 (830am-7pm)

Opening Worship by Carl Fontanilla

Holy Mass: Bishop Teodoro Bacani
Fr. Steve Tyler

Talk #2: When God is Sleeping in the Storm
(What should you do when crushing trials come?) - Bo Sanchez

Talk #3: You're More Gifted ThanYou Can Ever Imagine
(How to Discover, Develop and Deliver Your Gifting tot he World) - Arun Gogna

Talk #4: The Key To All Success is Attitude
(How to See Life the Way God Sees it) - Alvin Barcelona

Talk #5: Are You Fighting for Your Family's Future?
(How to Sow More Love inyour Relationships- and Harvest Abundantly) - Pio Espanol

Talk #6: Increase Your Miracles
(How to Conquer Giants and Move Mountains for God) - Mike Joseph

Talk #7: Chang Your Habits and Change Your Life
(How to Replace Destructive with Lifegiving Habits) - Obet Cabrillas

Kerygma Concert
K5, Nyoy Volante, Pinky Marquez, Reuben Laurente and Christopher de Leon

Mga Smiling- happy-Puyat!

Day 3: November 25, 2007 (830am-2pm)

Opening Worship by Fr. Joseph Skelton

Talk #8: Expand the Borders of Your Life
(How to Dream the dreams of God) - Bo Sanchez

Holy Mass: Fr. Joey Faller
Fr. Joseph Skelton

New found friends: Tita Rose and Tito Manny

With My Mama, on the 3rd day.

Fan sya ni Bo Sanchez

(Super typhoon Mina...nowhere! instead Super typhoon of Blessings!!!!!)