Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Politician, me?!

I took this Ultimate Personality test on Tickle website (link on the side menu under Tambay dito)...

How You Approach Life

Politician, are forceful, innovative and popular with the masses.
You aggressively pursue your goals and you enjoy impressing people.
You have an unusual ability to read people and situations, which is why it's pretty rare for you to find yourself in compromising positions.
You're very up on the social rules that govern your life and you do your best to uphold them. You are smart and you have a lot to say on a lot of issues. In order to do that, you often find yourself in the middle of the room, educating people about the important matters of the day. And even when you don't have that much to say, people are attracted to your magnetic personality, wit and humor. They just can't help it when you're so charismatic.
You are extraordinarily driven by success and have cultivated a positive image to help propel you towards further excellence.
Your high self-esteem makes a nice match for your desire to look the part.
You know that how you look is a strong reflection of who you are on the inside.
At work, you are aggressive in setting and reaching your goals.
You are not afraid of asserting yourself or your ideas, and people often look to you as a model of how they wish they could be.
You're motivated to do a good job, and people know you're a solid, reliable person who can take the heat.
You're perfect for any work that requires personal interaction with your natural sense of showmanship.
So keep at it, Politician. The world is a stronger place because of you.

That's just the general description. The report is quite long to post in here...
Hmmmm, I'm a Politician?... the descriptions above suits me well... (but don't get the idea of being corrupt and balimbing politician...that I'm not going to be...)

I never wished to be in the office someday...I already have my share in the limelight...